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Kaiping margarita, sanitary ware co., LTD is a professional water saving water-saving appliances production enterprise and contract management of water-saving products high quality suppliers and service providers, strong technical force, with efficient water saving products of five authorized national invention patents and more than a dozen induction sanitary ware and water-saving sanitary ware the patent for utility model.
This enterprise specializing in the production of high quality infrared sensor faucets, touch induction faucet, copper family water hippo water hippo, constant current, constant current type faucet JieShuiFa, water-saving faucet, water-saving shower nozzle, water-saving shower, shower water hippo, water-saving shower shower nozzle, such as constant temperature water hippo induction sanitary ware, water-saving appliances, pioneered many can be used into the family of intelligent induction faucet that household induction faucet, realizes the intelligent faucet


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